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Smart Homes, Alarm Systems, Digital Solutions, Access Controls, Biometric Systems, Perimeter Protection, Automation Solutions, Surveillance Solutions, Computer Sales & Services

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Smart Homes, Alarm Systems, Digital Solutions, Access Controls, Biometric Systems, Perimeter Protection, Automation Solutions, Surveillance Solutions, Computer Sales & Services
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Purpose, Mission and Values

It’s no secret that our industry moves fast. Our work is rooted in transformation – taking something from what it is to what it can become. Our goal is to help our clients embrace new technologies to advance their business.

In order to achieve this, we are
guided by our values.

Relentless Improvement

The rapid speed of our industry requires constant attention. Future growth is driven and supported by looking into the horizon and implementing clear, defined, strategies for action. Growth occurs when employees, as well as clients, have the opportunity to explore with curiosity.

Response Agility

Whether it is addressing the needs and demands of our clients or exploring the latest technology, we remain on the cutting edge. We believe that adaptability, innovation, and a willingness to fail forward are required to succeed.

Best Solutions

Our team members are experts who, through a culture of response agility and relentless improvement, are always eager to learn and grow. In order to meet your business needs, they are committed to providing industry-leading, best practice solutions which always keep the end user in mind. We aspire to be the benchmark to which our peers aspire.

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Our Work Speaks

CCTV Surveillance

Our CCTV surveillance system installation helped a retail store increase security and deter theft. High-definition cameras were placed throughout the store and connected to a remote monitoring system, allowing staff to keep an eye on the property at all times. The deployment was a success, leading to a reduction in incidents of shoplifting.

Time And

Our state-of-the-art biometric time and attendance system offers secure and reliable employee tracking using fingerprints, facial recognition, or other biometric methods. It streamlines payroll processes, eliminates buddy punching, and provides real-time data for improved workforce management. It also has the capability of customizable settings to meet the specific needs of your business.

Indoor Wifi

Our indoor wifi camera is a high-definition, wireless security camera that provides real-time monitoring and remote access to your home or office. It has night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio capabilities. The camera can be easily integrated with your smartphone, tablet or computer for instant access to live video feed and alerts. It also has memory card storage option for video recordings.

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About Our Brand

Designovations’ focus is on creative innovations. We provide innovative graphic & web solutions to our clients. We specialize in Website Design, Magazine Design, Brochure Design, Brand Development, Multimedia Development etc. The uniqueness of our designs is our identity. Our aim is to improve the online exposure of our clients using innovative designs and latest branding techniques. An individual, a small business or a corporate, we have an innovative solution for all. We at Designovations have the vision to provide creative and innovative solutions to our clients to empower them in today’s digital world. Using latest software and design techniques we can create designs that capture the essence of our client’s business. We are always improving our techniques, updating ourselves with latest design trends, researching new and innovative ways to provide our clients with latest and the best solutions the industry can offer. You can rely on us and we will ensure that your project will be completed to the highest company standards.